A1 Level Modern Greek

his course is designed for beginning students of high school age or above. They will learn how to greet people, introduce themselves, talk about their family and activities, book and purchase travel tickets, rent or buy a house, buy Christmas presents from the store and food from the grocer, purchase medicine, ask for information at a bank, etc. They will be able to answer basic questions and construct full sentences in Modern Greek.

The course prepares students to participate in the examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek, Ellinomatheia Certificate,  the only official title of proficiency in Modern Greek valid worldwide. Upon completion of the course students will be prepared to take the Ellinomatheia exams for Greek proficiency at the A1 level.

More information about the Ellinomatheia exams will be provided by the instructor.  Students enroll online and make arrangements to take the exam at a local testing center.

"I want to thank you from my heart for your effort and devotion to help my daughter learn and love the Greek language!"
- Silvia W., Florida