Advanced Architecture 4: Six Yards Apart - World Home Designs

In this course, students study the styles of different World Architects in relation to Home Design. Students design a different type of home design from a different part of the world with each lesson along with an architect focused on that part of the world.

The buildings that they design will eventually come together as a mini-neighborhood. This course requires a lot of model building. (Students will chose their modeling materials and may use a CAD program - if they are already familiar with it.)

Requirements for each lesson:

  • Paper
  • Sketching
  • Project
  • Presentation/Explanation
  • Peer Comments

The internet or the library will be used for research purposes similar to the "Introduction to Architecture" Course. 

Students must fully complete each lesson before moving on the to the next lesson. Students will be coached to use Padlet to share their work and ideas with the class. This course provides a large amount of practice with Critical Thinking and Presentation Skills.

Emailed reviews and grades provide students the opportunity to grow and excel according to their abilities.

Students should expect to work on the course for 8 - 12 hours per lesson. Usually 1/2 high school credit is suggested (based on 90 hours of course work).

Note: Zoom class meets every other week.

Materials should be chosen by students as needed for modeling their designs.