Advanced Conversational Spanish - Cultura y Conversación

In Advanced Conversational Spanish, students will engage in the ancient practice of listening to and collaborating in the telling of stories, songs, and poetry from Pre-Colonial and Colonial times. We will cycle back to modern culture next year!

Students will continue to have opportunities to review correct formation of phonemes, syllabification, and accentuation, but class will focus mostly on fluency, rhythm and intonation. We will learn about some of the oddities in pragmatics (non-literal, contextual meaning) of conversational Spanish, so that students can become familiar with commonly used terminology and phrasing. While the vocabulary may differ, we will also make use of the grammatical knowledge acquired in CLRC Middle School and High School Spanish Classes. Sentence formation in response to audiovisual prompts will no longer be a group effort, but an individual task. I will endeavor to make this class a safe, fun space to practice new and previously acquired knowledge.

Students will need a working camera and microphone for every class. 
Please note: This class is conducted fully in Spanish.

N.B. - This class is only available to students enrolled in a CLRC Middle School or High School Spanish class.

"My son loves your class and looks forward to it every week. Thank you for such a wonderful class and for being such a bright light in the kid’s lives!" 
- Sheri G., California.

Materials will be provided by the Instructor.