CLRC Annual Calendar: 2020 – 2021

  • Fall 2020

    August 24  to August 28
    Fall Semester Begins

    *Mid-Semester Break: Some classes may have a mid-semester break in addition to the scheduled Thanksgiving Break

    November 23 – 27:
    Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)

    December 7 – 11:   Last Week of Fall term

    December 18: All semester assignments due

    PLEASE NOTE: classes that take a mid-semester break (in addition to the Thanksgiving Break) will have a final class meeting the week of December 14 – 18.

    Some students may also have a final exam or paper due this week. Please check with your teacher(s) to confirm this.

  • Spring 2021

    January 3 – 8:
    Spring Semester Begins

    March 29 – April 2:
    Spring Break

    April 19 – 23:
    Last Week of Spring Term

    Keep in mind that  some classes will have a final exam or paper due after the last class, so you may have to allow a week after the last class before your student has completed all of the course requirements.  Please check with your teacher(s) to confirm this.


While this is the general CLRC schedule, individual instructors may make adjustments to it. Please consult your class instructors to verify the schedules for your particular classes.