CLRC Annual Calendar: 2022 - 2023

  • Fall 2022

    August 22 to August 26: 
    Fall Semester Begins
    Some classes have a late start date. This information is posted on the course page for the class.

    November 21-25:
    Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)

    December 5 – 9:   Last week of classes - for most CLRC courses
    In some cases followed by a week of work on final exams and papers

    December 12 – 16: Last week of classes for courses that missed a session in addition to Thanksgiving Break week (due to teacher illness, an extra break in October, Labor Day etc.) and for classes that began the week of August 29th.

    December 19 – January 6: 
    3-week Christmas Break

  • Spring 2023

    January 9-13: Spring Semester Begins

    February 27th - March 3rd:
    Spring Break

    Wednesday, April 5th – Tuesday, April 18th:
    2-Week Easter/Pascha Break

    May 8-12: Last Week of Spring Term Classes

    May 15-19th: Spring Term Exams and Final Papers Due for Some Classes


While this is the general CLRC schedule, individual instructors may make adjustments to it. Please consult your class instructors to verify the schedules for your particular classes.