AP Music Theory

College Board Approved

his is an Advanced Placement Music Theory class, approved by the College Board, preparing students to take the AP Music Theory Exam. The curriculum for this class is college-level and set by the College Board and includes the opportunity to take the AP test administered by the College Board in May for 3 hours of college credit. Students make local arrangements to take the AP exam.

The course covers all content required for successful performance on the AP exam:
Unit 1: Pitch, Major Scales and Key Signatures, Rhythm, Meter, and Expressive Elements of Music
Unit 2: Minor Scales and Key Signatures, Melody, Timbre, and Texture
Unit 3: Triads and Seventh Chords
Unit 4: Chord Function, Cadence, and Phrase
Unit 5: Chord Progressions and Predominant Function 
Unit 6-8: Rules of Part-Writing, Embellishments and Voice Leading

Students will also practice sight-singing and ear training/musical dictation.