AP U.S. History Test Prep

his is a mini-course available to former and current high school American History students who are interested in taking the AP US History test in May, 2024. Students are required to have earned an A in a high school American history course from pre-Columbus through Reagan. This course will add specific preparation for the AP Exam. 

The AP US History test consists of 55 multiple choice questions, four short answer questions, one document-based essay, and one free response essay, covering the content of US History from 1491 (pre-Columbus) to today. The content is divided into 9 units:

  • Unit 1: Pre-Columbus America to Jamestown. 
  • Unit 2: Jamestown to the French and Indian War. 
  • Unit 3: French and Indian War to Jefferson Presidency. 
  • Unit 4: Jefferson to Mexican-American War. 
  • Unit 5: Mexican-American War through Reconstruction. 
  • Unit 6: Industrialization to Spanish-American War. 
  • Unit 7: Imperialism through WWII. 
  • Unit 8: Cold War through Reagan. 
  • Unit 9: First Gulf War to Today.

In this course, we will review the content of one unit each week. The course also includes practice with sample questions from former exams, study strategies, and feedback on practice essays. Passing the College board’s AP US History test provides the student with six hours of college credit, accepted by most colleges and universities. (Check with the institution of your choice and their AP course policy)

Materials will be provided by the Instructor.