AP United States History

College Board Approved

his is an Advanced Placement US History class, approved by the College Board, preparing students to take the APUSH Exam. An emphasis is placed on interpreting historical documents, mastering a significant body of factual information, and writing critical essays. Students will analyze historical facts, synthesize their own ideas, and develop the skills to make conclusions on the basis of a knowledgeable judgment. They will also learn how to present their reasoning with clear evidence in a persuasive essay format.

The curriculum for this class is set by the College Board and includes the opportunity to take the AP test administered by the College Board in May for 6 hours of college credit which would apply toward the 6 hours of history required with most four-year college degrees. Students make local arrangements to take the AP exam.

If planning to take the AP US History test in May, please make sure to sign up for both semesters of the course. Students who are not taking the AP exam have the option to enter or exit the course by semester. The same textbook is used for both semesters.

The class meets for 60 minutes twice a week with expectation of an additional three class assignments per week to be done on your own time and 30-60 minutes per day spent on readings to enhance the content presented and discussed in class. The first semester begins pre-Christopher Columbus and runs through Reconstruction. Second semester begins with the nation’s 1876 Centennial celebration and concludes with the current presidential administration and problems facing America today.