Instructor: Amy Gillispie, B.S. email
Prerequisites: No previous experience is required for this course
Age Level: This course is for students 7 - 12 years of age
Tuition for Class: $49.95 per family* for all THREE E-Courses

*Please note that this is a CLRC discounted price per family.  Mrs. G. has tried to make the course as affordable as possible
and all the students in one family may share the course material for this one fee. 
However, if you use the lessons for a co-op or group setting, please respect the honesty code and purchase one course per family.

Materials Needed:

Drawing Paper - 120 sheets - 11" x 14"

Sketchbook/Blank Book or Spiral Sketch Pad - 100 sheets - 9" x 12"

Sharpie Markers - Fine or Ultra Fine or both

Drafting Templates - Circles/Squares/Triangle - General purpose usually works fine

Tracing Paper - 50 sheets - 9" x 12"
Architectural Triangle - 45/45/90 or 30/60/90 Degrees

12 Inch Triangular Architectural Scaled Ruler

Steel Ruler (for cutting)

Poster Board or Card Stock

Foam Core (11 x 14" or larger)
Miscellaneous Supplies dependent upon your student's ideas!

Architecture at the CLRC

Mrs. Gillispie’s Introduction to Architecture class was recently selected as the gold medal winner Parent Teacher Choice Award by HowtoLearn in their online course category!  "If your child loves building and architecture, or you want to give them a generous head start into world of architecture, this is precisely the high-quality Introduction to Architecture course you want them to take," says Pat Wyman, CEO of HowtoLearn.  Mrs. G. is offering four architecture classes this fall – for children as young as 11 years old and all the way through Advanced Architecture classes for high school students. 

View this 'virtual museum' to see the recent work of some of Mrs. G's students.

Note: Advanced Architecture Courses may be taken in any order after Introduction to Architecture.