Art/Literature Exploration

The Art/Literature Courses throughout the year are FABULOUS! This summer (more relaxed) course provides students a taste of what to expect regarding Art/Literature with an official school year reading lists.

Over the summer, students will be coached to respond artistically to what they are reading. They will be asked to commit to reading a book of their choice (or mom's choice:). They will be asked to respond artistically each week until they finish their chosen book. When they have completed it, they will be asked to write a short synopsis and review of the book.

A new art project will be presented each week. Students may chose to try it out in relation to what they are reading, or they may respond with their own artistic choice.

Students will post their work on the class Padlet and will explain their project and tell us about their book each week.

This relaxed method gives students exposure to different types of art projects, the freedom to chose what they read, experience sharing their ideas and making artistic connections.

There will be two sections. One for students ages 7-12 and one for students ages 13-18.

Allowing students to choose their own summer reading material will give them the opportunity to share books with each other, but also to read at their own speeds. (Some may read five books a week and work on one artistically, while others may choose a longer book and work on a few chapters a week.). The teacher will also give students some ideas about what they might want to read each week.