Beginning Piano: Private or Small Group Lessons

Grades 3+

he Simply Music Piano Method provides students a playing based approach to learning how to play the piano for a lifetime of music. The Simply Music method teaches students through patterns, shapes and structures to play 35-50 songs, including classical, blues and accompaniments, typically within the first year of the program. The Simply Music method teaches piano in steps which happen so easily that students do not even recognize the amount of learning that they accomplish in a very short period of time. Students do not even begin to “read” music until the 2nd or 3rd year. Simply Music provides students with nine Foundational Levels and nine Developmental Levels as well as composition, arrangement and accompaniment opportunities. This program was initially created for students with learning disabilities but is definitely challenging for all ages. (Adults are welcome to register for classes too!) Simply Music really gives students the ENTIRE PACKAGE and prepares students to be life-long musicians! Mrs. G. is fabulous at motivating students, bringing them together as a team and just makes making music FUN!

Students may choose private instruction, or "shared" small-group lessons.

Format of Zoom Simply Music Lessons with Mrs. G.:

Learn new material
Homework - Watch assigned Simply Music videos, Practice on their own and with Simply Music Audio Files
To turn in homework - students will need to video themselves playing or send in an audio file and upload photos of any visual homework on the private Padlet for their class.
Students should physically record their practice times with a parent's signature each week.
It is best if students have access to a webcam that is able to show them playing the piano during class, but it isn’t required.

If enrollment is more than 5 students/group, we will split students by age/experience and will add another section on Wednesdays following this section.