Bible Study: The Beginnings of Genesis and the Wisdom of Solomon

Christian Studies

Join Father David for an indepth look at the Bible from an ancient Christian perspective.  We will dig into Genesis chapters 1-11--"In the beginning...", and then read and study the last book written in the Old Testament Canon--the wonderful Wisdom of Solomon.

Plan on reading out loud, verse by verse, the profound words of Scripture, AND a solid mix of depth and fun as we consider it all in light of our lives today.

Homework is minimal to none in this class. We start every class with an open Bible/notes quiz to help us remember the content we are learning. Class participation is the big thing that matters--through chat box, microphones, reading and sharing out loud.

Fr. David enjoys these classes greatly, and is very open to fun. He also values and treasures the depth of life application that the Scriptures give to us, and wants young people to truly anchor themselves on God, who reveals His love and His ways, and so much about us, through the wonderful books of the Bible.

N.B. - if you are interested in this course and cannot attend at the scheduled time please contact  Father David may be able to offer the course at alternative times. 

"Fr. David is such a delightful teacher! His thoughtfulness sparks students' natural curiosity about spiritual things at the same time that his humor keeps them engaged. My daughter has learned a whole new way to interact with the Holy Scriptures." 
- Leila B., Virginia