his Biology course provides a general introduction to the science and explores aspects of life at both microscopic and macroscopic levels. A wide variety of topics are introduced in the course, including Macromolecules and Their Buildings Blocks, Organelles in Eukaryotes, Patterns of Inheritance, Evolution, Prokaryotes and Protists, Circulation in Animals, Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis, DNA Replication, and Homeostasis.

The class will meet for two hours each week. Class sessions will reinforce and expand upon concepts found in the text. Part of each class will be set aside for answering questions related to the course assignments and to address any difficulties that students are having with the material. The Biology course contains a laboratory component which gives the students the opportunity to investigate in more detail the topics discussed in the course. This course will include a combination of Demonstration Labs, Virtual Labs, and Labs performed by students at home.

Live class sessions include interactive problem solving to ensure understanding and mastery. Students collaborate in small groups using writing tablets to work through problems under the guidance of the instructor.

"Mr. Jawad opens up the world of biology instead of pressing it down on us."
– Angela P, California

"Thank you for being a fantastic teacher these past two semesters! You were always incredibly helpful and even the difficult topics we covered made sense when you explained them. I really enjoyed having you as a teacher!"
- Adira H., California