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Calculus reviews and builds  upon Pre-Calculus to help prepare students for college Calculus. Topics include limits, rate of change, curve sketching, derivatives, antiderivatives, beginning integration techniques and applications.

This course includes 1.5 hours a week of live instruction with plenty of opportunity for sample problems and questions with the instructor. In addition, it employs a dynamic software product, MathXL.  This unique combined approach gives students both the benefit of the best of mathematics instructional technology while also having access to a real instructor who can help them through difficult problems they encounter. As students complete homework assignments they find out immediately if their answer is correct, have access to detailed sample solutions when needed, are provided with additional practice problems, and may easily contact the instructor with comments or questions.  Quiz and test problems are displayed online; students work out these problems on paper for submission to the instructor for partial credit. Assignments, due dates, grades, and cumulative grade averages are easily available for students and parents. This software product is currently used in middle schools, high schools, and nearly every college in America.

Office Hours are available for for students who have questions or need extra help.  Students may choose from several available times each week to arrange private or small group extra help sessions.

2019-20 Registration for this Course Opens on February 11.

Non-Refundable $35 Math Software Fee Required to Register for this Math Class

An integral part of our Math program is an online software program. The CLRC must purchase a software access code for each student prior to the beginning of classes. This deposit is to cover that cost, and is required for all math students–including those utilizing Charter School funds or payment plans. To assure your registration for the class, click on this button:

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Prerequisites: Successful Completion of Pre-Calculus
Instructor:  Patrick Enke, B.S.
Age Level: 16 years and older
Minimum Enrollment Required: 8
Maximum Class Size: 16

Tuition per Semester: $350

Class Meets: Fridays, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific

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(If you would like to enroll in this class but cannot attend at the posted time, please contact us.  We may be able to open an additional section.)

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  • Prerequisites: Successful Completion of Pre-Calculus
    Instructor: Lisa Angle, M.S.  email
    Grade Level: Ages 15+


  • Minimum Enrollment Required: 5
    Maximum Class Size: 20

    Tuition per Semester: $300

Mrs. Angle has some flexibilty in her schedule and we expect to be able to schedule this class at a time that will work for all those interested in the class. If you are interested in “Calculus,” please click the button below. Include the name of the class in the subject line of the email, and provide us with your scheduling information. We will contact you with information and scheduling options.

Patrick Enke, B.S.

Patrick Enke graduated cum laude from Wheaton College with a B.S. in Computer Science, and Elementary Montessori certification from Washington Montessori Institute.  He has four children, all homeschooled.  Patrick and his wife own and operate Good Hope Psychological Services.  He enjoys recreational mathematics, exploring the unsolved problems involving Riemann zeta function and the Euler-Mascheroni constant.  Additional interests include Byzantine chant, the game of Go, Knotting, and Permaculture.


Textbook and Materials

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