Charter School Registration

The Classical Learning Resource Center works with a wide variety of charter schools.  Charter school funds may be used to pay tuition for all classes outside of the Christian Studies area. 

If you do not see the Classical Learning Resource Center listed as a vendor for your charter school please contact your teacher or Educational Supervisor. Let them know that you would like to enroll in a course with the Classical Learning Resource Center and ask them to send the vendor application information to us - We will be glad to fill out the forms to apply as a vendor for your charter school.

Parents who register for a class using charter school funds need to register both with their charter school and with the CLRC. After notifying your charter school that you are requesting funds for the class, go to the course page on the CLRC website as well. Use the register buttons on the bottom of the course page to enroll through the CLRC. After filling in your personal information, you will come to the payments page:

Select the ‘Charter Schools’ option from the ‘How Would You Like to Pay’ list at the bottom left. Please also indicate which charter school you attend when completing your registration.

Families using charter school funds to pay for eligible classes are responsible for the Technology and Math Software fees at registration. If your charter school is willing to pay for these fees we will reimburse you.

Your charter school will work directly with the CLRC to make payments. The charter will send us a PO to authorize payment for the class, then we invoice them, and when your funds become available your charter school will make payments directly to the CLRC to pay for your courses. We understand that many charter schools do not release funds until July or August, or pay tuition until after service is rendered, so we will hold your spot in your classes until your charter pays for them.

Charter school funding may also be available for CLRC Tutoring services, as well as CLRC Non-Interactive class options.  Click on the page links for additional information on these. If you have questions, please contact us.

CLRC Approved as A-G online provider

The CLRC is listed on the University of California HSA directory of approved A-G online providers.

Please note that some charter schools have their own list of A-G courses available to their students and some require submission of a course syllabus through UC Doorways. We are glad to provide detailed syllabi when needed. Please check with your charter school for more details.