Christian Studies: Helpful Resources -- Lent and Pascha

Check below for a variety of excellent Christian resources centering on Lenten and Paschal themes. 

The Three-Day Pascha by Mother Melania

Are you looking for reverent but child-friendly Easter books to read with your children? Mother Melania, Ph.D., abbess of Holy Assumption Monastery and an instructor at the CLRC, has authored The Three-Day Pascha: Orthodox Easter Stories for Children. It unites in one the three days of Pascha (the Orthodox name for Easter, from Pesach/Passover).  You and your child will accompany Christ in His Passover from death to life as He journeys

  • from the Cross,
  • to the Tomb,

  • to the Resurrection!

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Also from Mother Melania: Pascha at the Duck Pond

How to do Lent RIGHT--and WRONG!

Have you ever struggled to teach your children the meaning of Lent and of Easter?
Then, join the animals at the Duckpond as they journey through Lent towards Pascha (Easter).  Along with them, we'll learn that Lent is not about following rules, but about allowing God to change our hearts through love and repentance.
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Visit "The Path to Pascha"

"Our Path to Pascha includes 50 days, each represented by a felt pebble, 42 days for six weeks of Lent, plus 7 days of Holy Week, plus one for Annunciation. The Path to Pascha presents a tangible timeline to the length of Lent and the approach of Pascha. Festal Celebrations began this project because nothing like it could be found elsewhere for use in our Orthodox homes. Children enjoy visual calendars while waiting for events, such as Pascha. Fifty days is a long time, and the calendar keeps mom on track too...

"Each day in this Path to Pascha relates to a Gospel reading and a corresponding symbol on the pebble. For the littlest ones, a daily reading from a children’s Bible will be enough. You can expand the Path to Pascha by reading from the Orthodox Study Bible and learning from all the wonderful footnotes..."

Click HERE to go to the Path to Pascha web page.
  • "Who's Who in St. Andrew's Canon?"

    To download a PDF file of "Who's Who in St. Andrew's Canon,"

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