Christian Studies: Helpful Resources — General

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Instructing Our Children on Understanding Technology.

Instructing Our Children on Understanding Technology. A talk that Dr. Tarpley delivered at the St. Kosmas Orthodox Christian Education Association Conference in November 2019. Dr. Tarpley’s talk focused on helping our children to understand technology in today’s world .

Paidea Classics/Bookstore

Paidea Classics was founded in 2001 by an Orthodox Christian homeschooling family with the intent of serving the Orthodox Christian homeschooling community. In the last 18 years, homeschooling has changed dramatically with more home educators choosing to rely on online private or public charter schools. For this reason, our direction is turning more to supplemental education which can be utilized by all families, regardless of educational choices. Our focus is on publishing ‘living books’, that is, books that teach through an engaging narrative story, bringing the reader into the experience of the historical events being conveyed; and early Church patristics presented in a way that is more accessible and engaging to modern youth. We also would like to produce more audiobooks that allow education to take place in the car or when the parents are too busy to read aloud. We are continuing to develop copy-work that both teach the faith as well as fine penmanship. We want to offer more materials supportive of celebrating the feasts, nature study and arts and crafts. And finally, we are working to develop a substantial line of educational games. It is our hope that our upcoming games will be attractive to all families and will both teach and provide a healthy alternative to the digital distractions that plague and tempt all of us. 

To visit the Paidea Bookstore, click on the image to the right.

St. Michael’s Bookstore

This bookstore carries three categories of items: 1) books, 2) math manipulatives, and 3) educational card games.  To visit the store, click on the image.