CLRC Christian Studies


*Charter school funds cannot be used for these classes.*

What does it mean that:

  • We are made in God’s image and likeness
  • We are partakers of the Divine Nature
  • In the Fall humans lost the likeness but not the image of God
  • A theologian is one who prays and one who prays is a theologian
  • God loved the cosmos so much that He gave his only begotten Son
  • God became man, so that man could become God
  • The Church is a hospital
  • Angels are “bodiless powers”?

These are only a few of the profound truths you will be invited to ponder in CLRC Christian Studies.
Christian Studies offers young people and families the opportunity to bring the riches of Orthodox Christianity into the home through a variety of accessible course offerings.  Whether you’re looking for an elementary understanding of the Faith, basic studies in Scripture and early Christian writings, or more advanced subjects from the Bible and the Church Fathers, you’ll find them in the growing number of classes we offer.  
CLRC Christian Studies courses, taught from the perspective of the Eastern Orthodox tradition of Christianity*, are available for elementary school, middle school, high school, and adults.

Note to Orthodox clergy families: We are thankful to introduce the Saint Emmelia Ministires' St. Basil Clergy Family Scholarship.

*All teachers in Christian Studies are Orthodox with the exception of Biblical Hebrew. The instructor for this class is Catholic but the course will focus on the grammar and syntax of the Hebrew language rather than the theology of the texts being read.

Christian Educational Resources

  • The CLRC on Ancient Faith Radio

    From July 5, 2023:  Click here  to listen to Bobby Maddex's interview with Anne Van Fossen (CLRC Chief Academic Officer), and CLRC Instructors Jon Fassett (Math) and Michelle Wilband (Literature, Writing and Latin).

  • Free Psalm Memorization Chart!

    A helpful resource for systematically committing the Psalms to memory!

    CLICK HERE to download your copy.