About the CLRC Online Latin Program

CLRC Latin classes are offered at the elementary, middle school, and high school level.  Introductory classes, which build a solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary, are available at all levels. The program culminates in an AP Latin class followed by college level classes reading the works of Caesar, Cicero, Virgil, Catullus, Horace, Ovid, and others. CLRC Latin includes three distinct entry points to accommodate students of different ages, abilities, and motivations. Click the button below for a flowchart of possible paths through the CLRC Latin Program.

We emphasize vocabulary acquisition through online flashcards with audio recordings, friendly class vocabulary competitions complete with year-end prizes, and derivative work to help students find English words that are based on the new Latin vocabulary they have learned that week.  CLRC Latin classes also focus on depth of grammatical understanding, and extensive reading to introduce students to the beautiful patterns, cadence, and literature of the Latin language. Middle school and high school students are encouraged to take the National Latin Exam.

"The CLRC Latin program is wonderful!  The fact that you TEACH the class and the students interact with you and with one another makes such a difference.  My younger son attends a private school but his Latin education does not come close to the quality of the CLRC Latin classes my older son has taken with you." --

Jacquie A., New Hampshire

  • Latin I Overview Video!

    Please check out our  Latin I Overview video on YouTube! It features two recorded portions of an online class session. You’ll also find helpful information about the course textbook and other class resources, like vocabulary flashcards.  We’ll also acquaint you with our Canvas learning management system, where students access homework assignments, quizzes, grades, and more.

  • A side note: the background music for the video, "Mountain Meadows," was composed, arranged, and entirely performed by our technical administrator and resident singer/songwriter/musician Matthew Gallatin.

CLRC Latin Instructors

In the CLRC Latin Program:

  • Learning grammar is an essential part and an important benefit of learning Latin.
  • We explain grammar lessons clearly in English, with plenty of examples, and then apply that understanding to Latin.
  •  We have developed an extensive system of clear, eye appealing charts to outline key grammatical concepts.
  • Students as young as 6 years old learn about subjects, verbs, subject complements, direct objects, indirect objects, prepositional phrases and much more.

If I were asked what, of all the things I was ever taught, has been of the greatest practical use to me, I should have to answer: the Latin Grammar.”
— Dorothy Sayers