Classics for Schools

he Classical Learning Resource Center's "Classics for Schools" is designed to serve small schools or homeschool co-ops that would like to teach classical Greek or Latin but don’t have the resources to hire their  own full-time teacher. These groups can now get access to CLRC’s top quality faculty for classes to fit their unique scheduling needs. Days and times for each class can be set to fit the schedule of the school or co-op.

Students need access to at least one computer to enter the virtual classroom. The use of several computers, as in a school computer lab, is ideal; and a projector, Smart Board or similar set up can be used as well. The advantage to the school or co-op is that their students can remain together as a class, the schedule can be fixed according to their needs, and they get top quality instruction at a fraction of the cost required to hire a similarly qualified teacher for their own institution or group.

An adult is required to be present to supervise the class and oversee homework assignments. Classics for Schools includes optional teacher training for this on-site teacher who has access to CLRC’s experienced faculty for grammatical or pedagogical questions that arise between classes and could gradually take over the school’s classical language program at least at the introductory levels. Classics for Schools, therefore, provides resources both for instruction and for staff development.

Pricing is dependent upon numbers of students and class hours per week. Interested parents or administrators should contact CLRC for details at