Why Should My Child Prep for the ACT and SAT?

  • Free Webinar with Dr. Mark Tarpley

    June 14, 2020 - 6:00 PM Pacific

Why Should My Child Prep for the ACT and SAT?  Two reasons.  First, these tests are most often the fastest and easiest way to earn scholarships and attend the school of your choice.  With a solid score on these tests, the admissions process can quickly become much simpler and the financial reward can be significant.  Secondly, these tests are not like the classroom.  The skills and strategies students develop in the classroom do not directly transfer to success on the ACT and SAT.  As such, score growth on these tests is established through developing a test day mindset through proper coaching for this unique testing environment.  So, how should your child meaningfully and responsibly prepare for these tests in order to increase scholarships and attend the school of his or her choice?  Join Dr. Mark Tarpley, a highly experienced educator who started prepping students for these tests over twenty years ago, as he offers practical and thoughtful guidance in relationship to preparing for these very important tests.  His webinar will also offer thoughts on the ACT and SAT in light of covid-19, and its impact on college and university admissions.

To sign up for the Webinar, email matthewgallatin@clrconline.com.

The CLRC will be offering Dr. Tarpley's ACT/SAT Prep Course this Fall.  To register, go to

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First Ever CLRC T-Shirt Design Contest!

One of our CLRC High school students – Alejandro - whom some of you will know from Latin class, or Logic class, or Gospel of John class, or Greek Mythology class or …   has suggested that we make CLRC T-shirts.  We love the idea!

So, we are announcing the first ever CLRC T-shirt design contest.  Entries can be submitted anytime in the month of May.


T-Shirt Design Contest Guidelines


  • 1st Place – This design will be featured on the official CLRC T-shirt. The designer will receive a free T-shirt and sweatshirt and a $100 gift certificate toward any CLRC class.
  • 2nd Place – This design may be used in other CLRC promotional materials (mugs, key chains, magnets, baseball caps …). The designer will receive a free T-shirt and a $50 gift certificate toward any CLRC class.


Deadline:  May 31st, 2017

Winner will be announced in June.

CLRC products will be available later in the summer!


Here are the rules:

  1. Design will appear on the front of the shirt, in color, and may not exceed 11” wide, 12” high.
  2. One design per entry but there is no limit to the number of entries that each person may make.
  3. The design may, but does not have to, include the CLRC vase logo found on our website at clrconline.com.
  4. Your design must be original. By submitting a design you are guaranteeing that you hold rights to everything in it and that it does not contain any copyright material.
  5. Designs can be submitted as jpg, png, tif, tiff, gif, or bmp files. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the winning design.
  6. Entries must be received by May 31st, 2017 and sent to andreawallace@clrconline.com
  7. All entry emails should have the subject title “CLRC T-shirt Design Contest”.
  8. Include your name, email address, telephone number and age (if 18 or under).
  9. Entries become the property of the Classical Learning Resource Center.
  10. A team of CLRC judges will choose the top 3-5 entries. These will then be submitted for popular vote among all CLRC parents, students, and teachers.


We will announce the winner in June.  By submitting you are agreeing
to all contest rules. 


New Latin I Overview Video Now Available!

  • Please check out our new Latin I Overview video on YouTube! It features two recorded portions of an online class session. You’ll also find helpful information about the course textbook and other class resources, like vocabulary flashcards.  We’ll also acquaint you with our Canvas learning management system, where students access homework assignments, quizzes, grades, and more.
  • A side note: the background music for the video, "Mountain Meadows," was composed, arranged, and entirely performed by our technical administrator and resident singer/songwriter/musician Matthew Gallatin.