About the CLRC Elementary School Latin Program


he CLRC recognizes that the natural inquisitiveness of elementary school-aged children, coupled with their remarkable capacity for absorbing vocabulary and language forms, makes the elementary years the ideal time to begin building a foundation in Latin.

The "Lower Elementary Latin" resource page is especially for homeschooling parents who are introducing their younger children (ages 6 - 10) to Latin.  There they will find useful suggestions and fun activities for familiarizing young students with the language. The structured projects, games, and songs/chants presented can be used in any learning environment, from home settings to small schools or co-ops. Parents will find them excellent for helping their students to build vocabulary, to get a feel for grammar, and to sharpen their hearing and speaking skills.

Elementary students who are ready to join in formal online classes enter into the CLRC's Upper Elementary Latin program. This is designed for children from age 8-13, uses the highly acclaimed Minimus  curriculum published by Cambridge University Press.

Minimus is a unique course for elementary school students providing a lively introduction to the Latin language and the culture of Roman Britain. The Minimus Latin program, introduced in England in 2000 and now used throughout Europe and the United States, presents Latin in a creative, fun, and highly effective way–integrating analytical grammar and vocabulary with reading Latin from the very beginning, balancing scholarship with playfulness. The Latin stories follow the lives of a fictional family in the historical setting of a Roman fort near Hadrian’s Wall called Vindolanda, a continuously active archeological site since the 1930s.

The Minimus program progresses through 2 levels, providing a perfect entry point for upper elementary students and an excellent stepping stone into CLRC’s Intermediate Latin classes.