Conversational Spanish - Cultura y Conversación

Grades 7+

In Conversational Spanish, students will practice the grammatical knowledge they have already acquired in their CLRC Middle School or High School Spanish classes, acquire new vocabulary, and learn the rules of Spanish phonetics and pronunciation. Sentence formation and dialogues in response to audiovisual cues will be a group effort.

In this class, we will focus on practicing correct formation of phonemes and learn syllabification, accentuation, and overall pronunciation of sounds and complete words in Spanish.  In addition, students will practice communication by asking and answering questions. Topics will include introducing oneself; describing friends, families, daily routine, nature, and homes; sharing interests like sports and hobbies; ordering food and going shopping. As students advance, listening to music, reading some simple poems, and discussing various traditions from the Latin American world will be added to these practice conversations.

Students will need a working camera and microphone for every class.

Conversational Spanish will meet once a week, and there will be no required homework. 

N.B. - This class is available to students who have completed at least one full year of Spanish (High School Spanish 1 or Middle School 1 and 2) and are enrolled concurrently in a CLRC High School Spanish class. 

"My daughter spent 20 minutes minutes this morning telling me all the ways she absolutely LOVED your class. She felt comfortable, and said you were funny and very interesting. She said you are very good at making the class work for students of varying ability levels and mentioned that you are navigating the virtual class technology very well. Thank you for a great class!"
Meghan S., Louisiana