Dance History and Choreography

This 18 week/9 lesson challenging and creative and ultra cool dance course is geared towards dance students who are looking for ways to expand their knowledge of dance history while working on their choreographic skills.

This course it is a lot of FUN!  Students from different dance disciplines (ballet, tap, hip hop etc..) and different numbers of years dancing are all challenged at their own levels.  Dance students are not always given that opportunity in their dance classes to dig deeper.  This course dives in as students design "dance".

Students should plan to give 90 hours to the course over 18 weeks. Based on about 90 hours of work, it is suggested that students receive 1/2 high school credit). By exploring dance history and experimenting with a variety of dance challenges, students will strengthen their choreographic skills and their love for movement in space (dance).

Dance Course Expectations:

1. Watch the specific "Movie of the Lesson."
2. Write a biography about a choreographer or dancer from the movie.
3. Memorize a sequence from the movie of the week.
3. Projects: - Choreograph routine to specific music for each lesson.
4. Video your dance routine. Review your dancing:)!
5. Write a short paragraph explaining the intent of your choreography project.

(You will need to be able to use Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and/or clips from YouTube or your local library.)

Instructor: Amy Gillispie, B.S.

Prerequisites: None
Age Level: This course is for students 14 years old and older. 
Tuition per Semester:  $350 for 9 sessions
Minimum Enrollment: 3 students 

Class Meets: Wednesdays, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific; meets every other week beginning Sept 8

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Amy Gillispie, B.S.

Amy Gillispie and her husband, Father Robert, began homeschooling their nine children in 1999.   Amy was graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S.  in Architecture, did her Master’s work in Liturgical Architecture, played the organ for her church at twelve years old, danced in a ballet/jazz company, worked as a photographer/developer, directs musicals, is a COPE certified health coach, a registered IEW teacher and a licensed Simply Music Piano Instructor.  She wrote her own architecture curriculum and began teaching architecture courses to students from around the world when she created her business, Building Brilliant Minds, in 2009.  “Architecture” and “Music/Piano” continue to hold her heart because the possibilities are intertwined and infinite.    Mrs. G’s Architecture and Piano courses may be taken online during the arranged Zoom classes or privately.   For more information,  email Mrs. G.  at .

Materials Needed:

Materials needed for Weeks 1 and 2 (+ ruler, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, and scissors)
Drawing Paper - 120 sheets - 11" x 14"

Sketchbook/Blank Book or Spiral Sketch Pad - 100 sheets - 9" x 12"

Sharpie Markers - Fine or Ultra Fine or both

Materials needed for future weeks:
Drafting Templates - Circles/Squares/Triangle - General purpose usually works fine

Tracing Paper - 50 sheets - 9" x 12"
Architectural Triangle - 45/45/90 or 30/60/90 Degrees

12 Inch Triangular Architectural Scaled Ruler

Steel Ruler (for cutting)

Poster Board or Card Stock

Foam Core (11 x 14" or larger)
Miscellaneous Supplies dependent upon your student's ideas!