CLRC Online Academy

The CLRC Online Academy: Excellent courses, skilled and caring instructors, and personal guidance in a full high school program.


After more than a decade of offering a wide array of courses to homeschool families and private and public schools, the Classical Learning Resource Center now also offers a full diploma program.

The CLRC Online Academy is a high school diploma-granting program for full-time CLRC students in grades 9 through 12.  We offer graduation plans to help parents and students map out their course and credit needs–generally 24 to 28 graduating credits.  

Courses are online and taught by CLRC instructors, ⅔ of whom hold advanced degrees.  Families receive counseling on the college admissions process, and graduating students receive an official transcript and diploma.

CLRC is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, has over 30 NCAA approved courses, and offers dual credit and select AP courses. 

Families may now:

  • Apply for a full high school program
  • Complete a graduation plan in consultation with CLRC staff
  • Register for courses from our Online Academy Course Catalog 

Benefits of the Academy include: 

  • A full high school program in one place
  • Consultation on graduation plans and college admissions
  • Report cards, transcripts, diploma

Sample Graduation Plans

The CLRC Online Academy is designed to meet or exceed the high school requirements in all 50 states.

  • Fundamentals

  • STEM Focus

  • Language Focus

  • Classics Focus

Sample Transcript

Diploma Requirements

World Languages 

Minimum of 2 Credits of the same language:

1 Language of Choice Year I

1 Language of Choice Year II

3 years recommended for modern languages 

4 years recommended for classical Greek or Latin for Classics Focus Designation

Literature and Composition 

4 Credits from the following:

1 Introduction to Literature and Composition

1 High School Literature and Composition

1 American Literature

1 British Literature

1 World Literature

1 Essay as Form and Practice

1  Classical Rhetoric 

½ Poetry

½ Logic


3 or 4 credits from the following:

1 World History and Geography

1 American History

1 AP US History 

½ Government (required)

½ Economics (required)

1 Western Civilization

Great Books

4 credits from the following:

(1 Great Books course may be substituted for 1 history and 1 literature)

2 Great Books I 

2 Great Books II

2 Great Books III

2 Great Books IV

4 years recommended for Classics Focus Designation


3 or 4 Credits from the following:

1 Algebra I

1 Algebra II

1  Geometry 

1 Pre-Calc

1 Calculus or AP Calculus


3 or 4 Credits from the following: 

1 Biology - Required

1 Chemistry 

1 Physics  

1 Earth and Space Sciences

1 Meteorology   

Fine Arts 

1 or 2 Credits

Phys Ed 

2 Credits


½ Credit 


2 Credits

Total Credits  

24-25  (20 credits are required through CLRC) 

Note: Credit needs may vary by state or institution of higher education.


How to Apply

In addition to a variety of questions to help us understand your goals, expectations, and academic background, the application process includes:

  • The first year (or more) of the student’s proposed graduation plan (CLRC staff will work with accepted applicants to finalize this plan).

  • Documentation of prior high school course-work is required if the student is entering at 10th grade or above.

  • After review of your application, parents and student meet with CLRC staff online to get to know each other, review the Graduation Plan, and discuss the student’s interests and goals.

  • Within a week of this meeting, families are informed whether the student will be accepted for full-time status in the CLRC Online Academy.
Apply for the CLRC Online Academy Here!
Students are not required to be in the Academy to take individual CLRC high school classes. The Academy is a complete, diploma-granting private high school. This application is only needed for those who would like to enroll in our full-program private online high school.

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