Drawing 3

his is a two-part, 24-week long course.

In Part 1 (Fall Semester--12 weeks), students practice technical skills - material application, precision, pressure control, shading, blending, sharpening drawing tools, cross hatching, blocking in, simplification, reductive and additive techniques, and so much more.

In Part 2 (Spring Semester--12 weeks), students draw in a variety of art genres, styles, and explore art movements. Each week's lesson will have a genre and theme, highlight a classical or contemporary Artist, and include a little art history, and inspiration! Students create their own art, applying what they’ve learned about composition, and mimicking an assigned style.

The goal of this course is to develop technical skills, and prepare for the Portfolio course, in which students develop their own style, create a series of works that follow a narrative, write an Artist statement, and introduce new Artist habits to encourage their ongoing creative journey.

"Both of my sons have thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Jennings' drawing classes. Her patient and reassuring style encourages even the most reluctant artist. She brings her vast knowledge of art, her skill as an artist, and her experience as a homeschool mom into her teaching. We love Mrs. Jennings!"
-Christina T., California