Elementary Greek 2

Grades 5-6

CLRC’s Elementary Greek 2 program is designed for children preparing to leave elementary school and enter middle school. The Elementary Greek 2 program is designed to serve two types of students: younger students who have completed Elementary Greek 1 but are not quite old enough for Middle School Greek, and older students who have not had Elementary Greek 1 but would like to ease into Greek before beginning the Middle School program.

Students 11 years of age and older may register for Elementary Greek 2 without any prior knowledge of Greek. Students 10 years of age and younger should begin with Elementary Greek 1. The course begins by teaching the same material as Elementary Greek 1, but at a quicker pace, and then goes on to cover additional material not covered in the previous course. In addition to what is covered in Elementary Greek 1, students in Greek 2 will learn adjectives, and the imperative and infinitive forms of verbs. They will begin to explore some more complex aspects of grammar, such as special uses for cases, as well as increasing their Greek vocabulary.

We aim to keep the classes light-hearted, with songs and games, as well as more traditional work such as paradigm practice and charts. There will also be some conversational Greek practice in addition to written translation. Although our primary focus will be the Greek language, students will have some exposure to Greek mythology, history, and geography during the course as well.