Elementary Greek I

CLRC’s Elementary Greek 1 program is designed for children from age 9-10. The natural inquisitiveness of elementary school-aged children, coupled with their remarkable capacity for absorbing vocabulary and language forms, makes the elementary years the ideal time to begin building a foundation in a Classical Language such as Greek.

In Upper Elementary Greek I, students gain thorough familiarity with the Greek alphabet; learn to read and write Greek words and sentences; explore English derivatives from Greek roots; and learn first and second declension nouns, the basic use of cases (Subject, Predicate Nominative, Possessive, Indirect Object, Direct Object), and the present indicative of verbs.

All this is done using songs, games, puzzles, and conversational phrases in combination with more traditional activities like sentence diagramming and paradigm practice. We’ll look at phrases from Aesop’s fables, memorize the opening lines of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey in the original Greek, learn about the fascinating gold-digging ants of Herodotus, and learn some ancient Greek geography and history at the same time!

"Thank you for teaching my children Greek! They are learning more this year than in the past 3 years put together. I am amazed how much they are learning. They seem to be doing well, even though I can be of no help to them other than encouraging them to keep up with their homework, and flashcards. Thanks so much for teaching them!"
- Connie K., Washington

Materials will be provided by the Instructor.