Elementary Latin II

CLRC’s Elementary Latin II uses the text Minimus Secundus: Moving on in Latin and Minimus Workbook II. Minimus Secundus continues to feature Minimus the mouse and the Roman family at Vindolanda introduced in the first Minimus text.

In Upper Elementary Latin II, students gain a thorough familiarity with the present and imperfect tenses for first conjugation verbs and the irregular verb ‘to be’; infinitives, imperatives, and impersonal verbs; first, second, and third declension nouns – masculine, feminine, and neuter; noun-adjective agreement; and other parts of speech (adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions). Students are also introduced to the use of cases, focusing on the nominative for subject and predicate, and accusative case for direct object. While learning over 135 vocabulary words, students develop the habit of saying nominative, genitive, and gender for all nouns, and principal parts for all verbs.

CLRC teachers supplement the Minimus Secundus text and workbook with detailed weekly homework exercises, including grammar exercises and chanting activities so students master model noun declensions and verb conjugations and gain a thorough understanding of all grammar concepts covered. Stressing the importance of listening to Latin and reading/speaking out loud, CLRC teachers provide weekly recordings of all vocabulary, stories, and chants, and incorporate this listening and out loud reading into the assignment for every homework day.

In addition to stories and grammar, every chapter of Minimus Secundus, like the first level of Minimus, presents fascinating historical information to further broaden students’ knowledge of Roman Britain.