Elementary School Spanish 1 | Español Básico I

his course is designed for elementary aged children and will establish a basic foundation for rigorous language studies- but in a relaxed, play focused environment. Studies show that elementary aged children most easily absorb the sounds and rhythms of any language, making this a critical time for the future Spanish speaker. In this class, students will learn basic vocabulary and become familiar with Spanish ABCs, word syllabification, accentuation, and simple sentence formation. Join us as we play games together, talk to puppets, sing songs, and learn!

"My daughter spent 20 minutes minutes this morning telling me all the ways she absolutely LOVED your class. She felt comfortable, and said you were funny and very interesting. She said you are very good at making the class work for students of varying ability levels and mentioned that you are navigating the virtual class technology very well. Thank you for a great class!"
-Meghan S., Louisiana

Materials will be provided by the Instructor.