Elementary School Spanish 2 | Español Básico

Grades 3-5

Welcome to the second year of the Elementary Spanish course!

We will begin with a brief review of introductory words to remember how to have a basic conversation in Spanish. Then, we'll dive into a little bit of grammar, but don't worry, it'll be fun! We'll explore very special verbs. After that, we'll focus on the conjugations of the Present Simple, Future, and Preterite. Exciting, isn't it?!

This year, we will explore more advanced aspects of the Spanish language, providing a solid yet relaxed foundation for our linguistic growth. I am excited about what lies ahead in this course!

¡En esta clase, aprendemos y nos divertimos! In this class, we learn and have fun! Colorful worksheets, interactive games and lesson materials are designed by and provided by the instructor.

Prerequisites: Elementary Spanish 1

"I just wanted you to know that you are an absolutely WONDERFUL teacher!!!  I am very happy with how the class was structured and how easily the assignments were available.  You have such a great presence with this age group and I would highly recommend your class at any time.  CLRC was our first experience with online classes and yours ran so smoothly."
- Jacqueline B, California