Fairy Stories and Wonder Tales

"THERE are some things in this world we can get along without, but, the experience of many thousand years has shown us that the fairy tale is not one of them. There must have been fairy tales (or fables, or folk tales, or myths, or whatever name we choose to give them) ever since the world began. They are not exclusively French, German, Greek, Russian, Indian, or Chinese, but are the common property of the whole human family and are as universal as human speech." So begins the introduction to our book of fairy and wonder tales, which will be the text we use to take an eight-week journey through realms of the imagination with Volume 1 of the Junior Classics, edited by the William Patten. 

Each week we will read, discuss, and write about several of the stories in this classic work of children's fiction. There will also be a brief and enjoyable quiz each week to test knowledge and comprehension.