About Grades 1 - 4 Homeschool Program

Christian Studies

Everything You Need to Homeschool with Confidence

In this well-received program, 25-year veteran homeschool mother Esther Phillips teams up with the CLRC to share her decades of homeschooling experience with parents of elementary school children. This is a complete and flexible homeschool package for elementary school which can be tailored to each family’s unique circumstances.  Families receive guidance and resources in all areas of their own Home School.

This year, families have the option of choosing from four curricula themes: ANCIENT TIMES, MEDIEVAL TIMES, EARLY MODERN TIMES, and MODERN TIMES.  These are stand-alone programs, and can be taken in any order of interest or preference. Each program is adaptable for families with children Grades 1 - 8 as a family program.

Please Note:

  • The Complete Integrated Homeschool Program does not have an early registration discount, instead offering its own unique multiple child discount.
  • These Courses are not eligible for Charter School funding.

The program includes:

  • A weekly live class which parents and children attend together
  • A complete integrated homeschool curriculum
  • Parent meetings and individual help

"We have fallen in love with Esther's choose your own RICH adventure curriculum, full of beauty and biblical lead integration of all things wonderful. I have learned as much as my daughter! We sing and dance and laugh and learn, and it has been so special for our family. Esther takes away the pressure of achieving and instead puts in a spark for finding beauty and growing our perspective of the world around us. I couldn't imagine a more rich curriculum anywhere. This course has far surpassed our expectations."
- Emily R., Alaska