Grades 4-6 Foundations


Veteran elementary school teacher Mrs. Molly Barnett provides an upper elementary foundations package covering language arts, math, history, and an introduction to Latin. Mrs. Barnett draws from her 10 years of experience teaching at the elementary school level to encourage, inspire, and teach her students all that is needed for the core subjects of an upper elementary educational experience. This package is suitable for students from 4th – 6th grade with some adaptations available to meet individual student learning goals.

"Mrs. Barnett is a gem. She is igniting a love for literature in my son! We are most thankful for her and for all of you at CLRC." 
- Rosa A, Texas

Components of the package include:
·      Language Arts 1 Section B - Tues/Thursday 10-11 Pacific | $330 - $297
·      Upper Elementary Math - Mon/Wed 10-11 Fri 10-10:30 Pacific | $330 - $297
.      Total Price per semester, : $660$594

·      An optional ‘add-on’ including History and an Introduction to Latin - Friday 10:30 - 11:00
       ($120 will be added if this option is selected at check out)

Please note - to receive a 10% discount on both classes, click the 'Get Package' button above, and enroll in 'Grades 4-6 Foundations'.

LA1 and Upper Elementary Math are available as individual options or at a discounted rate within the package.
About the History and Introduction to Latin class:
This additional half hour each Friday will help students build a foundation to lead them into Middle School Latin I. The class will use the text Minimus: Starting out in Latin and Minimus Workbook I. Students will learn Latin vocabulary and grammar through lively chants and exercises. Additionally, students will dive into the world of Ancient Rome, particularly Roman Britain, through stories from the text. Since this class is an introductory course, class time is minimal and so is the homework load. This class is a fine way to wade into the deep waters of a rich language with an even richer history.

"Mrs. Barnett's elementary language arts class was a massive highlight of my daughter's homeschool week. Both her writing and grammar skills leapt forward during the course of the class. I highly recommend Mrs. Barnett as a partner for your child's elementary education."
- E.B.U. New York