Summer Grammar Boot Camp for Elementary School

Calling all recruits to Grammar Bootcamp for Elementary School!

Whether your student is struggling with parts of speech, or ready to get a head start on classes for the fall, this short class is the answer to help jog foggy memories or introduce the 8 parts of speech.

We’ll combine a little fitness with our grammar introduction!  Race your fellow recruits with timed exercises to see who can name the most nouns; move around your spaces and maybe do a few pushups and squats with action verbs; play a game of adverb virtual charades and get well on your way to the goal – mastery of the parts of speech and how they are used in writing.

Dependent upon the needs and homeschooling style of each family, Grammar Boot Camp for can be taken as a graded or not-graded class. With either option the teacher provides corrections and comments on all grammar assignments.

Meets 9:00 – 9:45 AM Pacific on the following days:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday–June 15, 16, and 17;
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday–June 22, 23, and 24;
Tuesday/Wednesday–June 29 and 30

Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Susan Baumert, Ph.D.
Age Level: 8 – 9 years (open to age 10 and above in need of review)
Grade Level: 3 – 4 (or higher, if in need of review)
Minimum Enrollment Required:
Maximum Class Size: 

No Textbooks Needed.

    Susan Baumert, Ph.D.

    Susan White Baumert completed her B.A. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she double majored in Religious Studies and in News-Editorial Journalism.  She went on to earn her M.A. and Ph.D. from the Catholic University of America.

    Susan and her husband homeschool their three sons, who have inspired her work in classical education, in the Montessori method, as well as her work in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, all of which she has used while homeschooling and volunteering in her community over the past eight years.  She is a certified Montessori instructor and has a love for teaching at all levels.

    Susan lives in Falls Church, VA, where she enjoys reading, teaching her boys, painting, going on bike rides as a family, and playing with their two toy poodles, Bella and Galaxy.