Grammar Boot Camp - Middle and High School

Stewart Grammar combines creativity and repetition to establish solid proficiency in both basic and advanced grammar. By providing examples from great literature, it teaches the relevance of grammatical concepts in reading and writing. By crafting diverse exercises for every concept — fill-in-the-blank, sentence/paragraph composition, error correction, and more — it helps students develop a strong, flexible mastery of the English language. Students can be humorous and creative and incorporate their own interests. This course will lay the grammatical foundation for Introductory and High School Literature and Composition, British and American Literature, and Great Books. Students will acquire the grammatical skills they need for high school and college essay writing, foreign language study, and standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

This course may be taken for a half-semester high school credit. Students who wish to take the course for credit will watch additional instructional videos prepared by the instructor and take a final test.