Grammar for Middle and High School

his course serves as a complement to CLRC middle school and high school Literature & Composition classes. It is designed for students who wish to have an intensive grammar class in addition to the emphasis on writing in their Literature & Composition class. The course can be used either as a concentrated review or an intensive introduction to more-advanced grammar concepts. 

Students receive systematic and engaging presentations on grammar concepts, beginning with a quick overview of the Parts of Speech and the Parts of Sentence before moving on to more intensive studies of verbals (participles, gerunds, and infinitives); adjective and noun clauses; prepositional phrases used as adjectives, adverbs, and nouns; as well as correlative conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs.  Students complete weekly exercises from Voyages in English and gain mastery of Four-Part Sentence Analysis.  

While this course is ideal for rising seventh and eighth grade students already registered for a college-prep English course who want a grammar component to supplement their writing skills, it also serves as an excellent grammar review for high school students.