Grammar - Intermediate

Grades 7+

his course serves as a complement to CLRC middle school and high school Literature & Composition classes. It is designed for students who wish to have an intensive grammar class in addition to the emphasis on writing in their Literature & Composition class. The course can be used either as a concentrated review or an intensive introduction to grammar concepts.

Students receive systematic and engaging presentations on grammar concepts that stem from the components of Four-Part Sentence Analysis.  In the first semester, students begin with a review of the Parts of Speech, Parts of a Sentence, Phrases, Clauses, and Sentence Types.  They explore concrete and abstract nouns, intensive and reflexive pronouns, as well as demonstrative and interrogative pronouns. In the second semester, students do an intensive unit study on verb tenses before receiving an introduction to verbals, including participles, gerunds, and infinitives (including the subjunctive), as well as indefinite pronouns. For homework, students analyze practice sentences (using the Four-Part Sentence Analysis) and complete exercises from Voyages in English.

While this course is ideal for rising seventh and eighth grade students already registered for a   literature/composition course who want a grammar component to strengthen their writing skills, it also serves as an excellent grammar review for high school students.

Students who have not taken a previous course with Dr. Baumert are required to take a grammar assessment before registering.

Prerequisites: Language Arts 2 or permission from the instructor.

"I wanted to send a quick email to impress how very happy I have been with my son’s English classes. Dr. Baumert and Mrs. Carman have provided an excellent supportive program and class environment for him. I have seen his writing grow in breadth and maturity, and I have seen his confidence grow in mastering more aspects of grammar. The courses have been equal parts challenging and nurturing and I really sense they have inspired my son to put in continued effort. It's lovely to see!"
- Karen J, North Carolina