Great Books 4: Foundational Texts of the Renaissance and Modern World

Grades 9-12+2High school students may be awarded 1 History and 1 Literature credit upon completion of this course.

Great Books 4 completes the Great Books program and continues in the tradition of reading and discussion of primary sources established in the earlier classes. The course explores major texts from the Renaissance through the modern era.

As in Great Books 3, students produce thoughtful, text-based responses to topical and reflective questions each week, as well as 300-word Summae --  essays that expand upon ideas raised in class discussions. . Students also compose longer essays in a variety of formats, from literary analysis to persuasive and creative responses to the texts. Instruction in composition and proper citation continues.

High school students may also take this course for dual enrollment credit through the University of St. Katherine. Upon completion, the University will issue the student a transcript with 3 college credits per semester.  USK credits are transferable to other colleges and universities.

Prerequisites: Great Books 1 and Great Books 2 (CLRC) or equivalent with same book list taken elsewhere (such as Schola Academy).

"It’s not just the Great Books, it’s having the Great Books taught with the seriousness that we’ve experienced in this class.  My son has learned much, much more in Mrs. Turscak’s Great Books class at CLRC than he did in his previous classes with another online provider." 
-- Timothy I., Virginia

What students have to say about the importance of reading, discussing, and wrestling deeply with the Great Books:

"Great Books has been, for me, a point to ground myself at, a place that the reader can see that others struggle and have struggled with the same ideas and problems that we have today. The whole of the Great Books has shown me how close and connected humanity is, even through pain and trial."

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