Interested in a Possible Trip to Greece in 2022?

This tour was originally scheduled for Spring '21--and then came COVID! We are looking at the possibility of a tour in 2022, if circumstances permit.
Would you like to take part in an exciting, horizon-expanding journey  through Greece? Contact Sue Ellen Turscak for more information and details (

  • Day 1: Fly overnight to Greece

    Day 2: Athens

    Meet your Tour Director at the airport

    Day 3: Athens

    Take a guided tour of Athens

    With your expert local guide you will see:

    • Ancient Olympic Stadium
    • Syntagma Square, the central square of Athens
    • Acropolis

    Visit the Acropolis Museum, home to ancient ruins and pre-historic artifacts

    Take a walking tour of Athens

    With your Tour Director you will see:

    • Plaka District
    • Athenian Trilogy

    Dinner in Athens

  • Sample Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 4: Athens • Delphi

    Travel to the Delphi region

    Take a guided tour of Delphi

    With your expert local guide you will see:

    • Delphi Archaeological Museum
    • Temple of Apollo, where Alexander the Great once asked the oracle if he would conquer the ancient world
    Visit the Delphi Museum

    Day 5: Delphi • Thermopylae • Meteora region

    Travel via Thermopylae to the Meteora region

    Stretch your legs at the battle site of Thermopylae, and strike your best Spartan pose for a photo

    Visit a Meteora monastery, a town suspended in the "middle of the sky"

    Tour a Meteora monastery with an expert local guide

    Day 6: Meteora region • Thessaloniki

    Travel via Dion to Thessaloniki

    Stop in the traditional Greek village of Litochoro and enjoy famously awesome views of Mt. Olympus as you travel to Dion

    Take a tour of Dion

    With your Tour Director you will:

    • Visit the Archaeological Park and Museum of Dion
    • See the remains of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Zeus

  • Day 7: Thessaloniki

    Take a guided tour of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city and hip northern capital

    With your expert local guide you will see:

    • Roman Agora, the political and public center of ancient Thessaloniki
    • White Tower, a waterfront monument and museum
    Explore on your own

    Day 8: Thessaloniki

    Take a guided tour of Pella, birthplace of Alexander the Great, and Vergina

    With your expert local guide you will visit:

    • Archaeological Museum of Pella
    • Museum of Royal Tombs, including the tomb of Alexander's father, Philip II

    Archaeological Museum in Pella

    Museum of Royal Tombs

    Day 9: Thessaloniki • Athens

    Travel via Platamonas to Athens

    Explore on your own 

Day 10: Depart for Home!