High School French 1

Grades 9-12+1High school students may be awarded 1 Language credit upon completion of this course.

his French course introduces preliminary grammatical, lexical, and lingual elements necessary for effective communication in written and spoken French. Upon completion, students conjugate verbs in the present, past, and near future tenses. They construct paragraphs in French using simple sentences. They read assorted French texts orally with correct pronunciation.  In addition, they engage in basic conversations using learned vocabulary for greetings, introductions, activities, calendars, and weather.

Interactive classwork develops and reinforces all four linguistic abilities in French: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Through in-class dialogues, oral readings, and simple writing exercises, students strengthen concepts as they learn them. Independent homework assignments throughout the week reinforce class instruction.  Quizzes, and tests give the students ongoing assessment and provide the opportunity to discover strengths and shore up weaknesses. 

Students are introduced to the concept of the “Dictée” with a weekly exercise in which they hear a short passage of spoken French and write down what they hear.  This exercise reinforces vocabulary, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and punctuation.  It also aids with aural comprehension.

Additionally, students are introduced to the art, culture, music, and history of the French-speaking world.  A wide range of sources and media, from stories and paintings to songs and videos, assist them in exploring engaging topics, bring a greater awareness of the impact that the French language has had in the world, and inspire them to consider possible opportunities for their futures. 

The course includes 30 hours of live, online instruction per semester. Each week, students are responsible for consistent, daily review of vocabulary as well as twice-weekly homework assignments.

High School French I is an excellent introduction to the beauty of spoken and written French for students who have little or no background in the language.

Students are encouraged to take the National French Exam and are provided with practice questions and support to prepare for the exam.

High school students may be awarded 1 Language credit upon completion of this course.