High School French II

This course expands upon the French language skills begun in French I. Students will continue to develop their ability to comprehend spoken and written French as well as their ability to speak and write in French. French II focuses on the past tense and narration, as well as continuing to build vocabulary. Additionally, French II expands the Francophone world as presented in French I and prepares students to read longer French texts and participate in more advanced conversations.

Alongside approximately 30 hours of live instruction, students will develop their French skills through interactive dialogues, role-play, grammar exercises, creative writing, and reading from a wide range of Francophone sources.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of CLRC High School French I, or instructor approval. Students who have taken a French I course elsewhere should contact Dr. Wegmann directly to discuss placement into French II.

Fall 2020 Registration for this Course Opens on February 27.

Prerequisites:  French I at CLRC, or permission of instructor
Instructor:  Hannah Wegman, Ph.D.   
Age  Level:  13 - 18 years
Grade Level: 9 - 12
Minimum Enrollment Required: 6
Maximum Class Size: 12
Tuition per Semester:  $330
Class Meets: Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:30 AM Pacific

Fall enrollment is closed. Students may be able to enroll with the instructor’s permission. Please contact info@clrconline.com. Spring registration opens Oct 18th.

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Hannah Wegmann, Ph.D.

Hannah Wegmann received her Ph.D. in Modern French Studies from the University of Maryland in 2018, following a M.A. from UMD and a B.A. from Hillsdale College. Her research focuses on narratives of urbanization within the nineteenth century French novel, exploring ways that the historical phenomenon of migration can function as a theoretical lens to revisit canonical narratives and understand the social, moral, and physical evolutions present. Her other interests include the intersections of art history, religious intertextuality, the history of Paris, and teaching the quirky details of French grammar to students. Hannah lived in France for a semester of college, a year following graduation, and has spent several summers in Paris conducting research, teaching summer courses, and enjoying French culture and history.  Hannah has taught a variety of French language and literature courses at the University of Maryland since 2011. Before teaching at the university level, she spent several years teaching at the primary and secondary levels, both in traditional and classical schools. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, son, and daughter.


Textbook and Materials:

French I uses a textbook called D’accord! Langue et Culture du Monde Francophone. This text does an excellent job presenting grammar and vocabulary within the context of conversation, literature, and the diverse cultures of the Francophone world. It includes phonetic guides, detailed grammar explanations, engaging cultural readings, and vocabulary sections that focus on practical, contextual communication. Perhaps most importantly for the nature of online courses, the D'Accord series is paired with an online platform. This online space includes an Ebook which allows students to engage with the text, view videos and practice pronunciation.  In addition D’Accord provides an impressive library of practice resources, from flash cards to supplemental videos to games to homework activities. Homework assignments provide instant correction and feedback, allowing students to target areas needing more attention. 

With D'accord!, French I offers a blended approach to French acquisition, combining live instruction, traditional assignments that are submitted to the instructor and receive individual feedback, and daily online homework that is completed through the D'accord! platform. This software product is currently used widely across America, and Dr. Wegmann taught with a similar platform at the university level for 8 years. She recommends it highly!

The cost to purchase the Ebook and access to the complete library of online resources for French 1 is $70.  For students who continue to French 2 the cost will be reduced to $40; and for those who move on to French 3 and AP French the additional cost will be just $30 per year.  

Please Note: since the complete resource package must be purchased for each new student, and each new student will have access to the complete package for the entire academic year, students who join CLRC French 2 from another program will need to purchase the Online Resource Access for both French 1 and 2.  This will also provide valuable resources for review and reinforcement of previous work as needed.

Purchase D'accord! Ebook and Online Resources Access for French I: $70
(Available Only to Registered CLRC French I  and French II Students)
Purchase D'accord! Ebook and Online Resources Access for French II: $40
(Available Only to Registered CLRC French II Students)