High School German 1

Hallo! Willkommen im Deutschkurs! Hello, and welcome to German 1!
Discover the secret behind weekly mystery objects from German daily life and challenge yourself to clear pronunciation of German tongue twisters, while learning basic grammar concepts, sentence structure, and verb conjugation!

Students in High School German 1 will learn useful phrases, vocabulary, and grammar principles to build their confidence as they speak and listen to their teacher speaking German. While studying beginning language structure, there will be plenty of opportunities to apply cultural themes. Students will also learn to read for comprehension, and additional resources will be provided to engage all types of learners and encourage further study. In addition to regular written exercises, students will learn how to write short reports on topics of interest and present them to the class.

German 1 is an immersive language class and uses an accredited textbook written in German as a guide. The goal of the course is to master the A1 level of German and provide the opportunity to pursue further study or certification (through the Goethe Institute). It fulfills requirements for one year of a foreign language course at the high school level.

More information about the Goethe Institute for youth (Fit in Deutsch) or KID exams which are internationally recognized for work or studies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, will be provided by the instructor. Students enroll online and make arrangements to take the exam at a local testing centers (often in large metroplexes like New York, Boston, Houston, and Washington D.C). Online Accreditation Exams are not currently available. This course prepares students for their A1 qualifiers, should they wish to take them, and includes practice with typical examination simulations for audio, reading comprehension, and spoken portions of the exam.

  • "Thank you for making me enjoy a language class for once. I have often found it difficult to learn a new language, but your class has been a nice change of pace - engaging and not stressful. I could not be happier to have been able to participate in this class."
    - Max V., Maryland

  • "Thank you for your kind words about my son. He is truly enjoying German and your teaching. I appreciate your constant and helpful communication! This is our first class with CLRC and I am quite impressed. My older boys took an online language class with a different company and it was not a pleasant experience. I wish we had found you sooner!"
    -Donna F, Connecticut

  • "Thank you so much for teaching this year.  I had loads of fun and decided to take German for the rest of high school after discovering how much I enjoy learning German!"
    - Catherine R, Tennessee