High School Italian 2

Bentornati al Corso di Italiano! Welcome to High School Italian 2!

This course in Italian language and culture is a continuation of High School Italian 1. There is increased communication in Italian and stress is placed on pronunciation, communication, and basic grammar as students develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Italian.

Students in High School Italian 2 continue to learn useful phrases, vocabulary and grammar to build their confidence as they communicate more and more in Italian. While studying language structure, there will be plenty of opportunities to apply cultural themes. An  interactive workbook, engaging games, and numerous audio and video resources will be available to engage all types of learners and encourage further study. In addition to regular written exercises, students will write short reports on topics of interest and present them to the class.

Italian 2 is an immersive language class and uses an accredited textbook written in Italian as a guide. The goal of the course is to master the A2 level of Italian. It fulfills requirements for the second year of a foreign language course at the high school level.