High School Latin  I - Immersive

his is a general introduction to Latin for beginners of high school age. Class will be conducted primarily in Latin – but don’t be afraid! – Mr. and Mrs. Kopf are remarkable educators using a well-designed and effective text.

Following the grammar curriculum of the well-established Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata series by Hans Ørberg, students learn grammar and vocabulary intuitively through extended contextual reading. Students encounter Latin as a natural language and develop basic skills in reading, writing, comprehending and speaking Latin. Although students will be immersed in Latin most of the time, short sections and materials which discuss grammar and specific linguistic phenomena in English will supplement the course.

The course will include an array of activities which may involve work in pairs or groups, grammar drills, online tools (such as Quizizz), and a variety of creative assignments.

Homework will mostly consist of exercises from the textbook and from the Exercitia Latina workbook to practice morphology. However, composition assignments will be included in later phases of the course, as well as worksheets on English grammar and Latin language YouTube videos. The expected out-of-class workload is approximately two hours per week.

This course (Year 1 of the 3-year program)  will cover Chapters 1-13 of the Lingua Latina Familia Romana text.  All five noun declensions are learned, as well as all declensions of adjectives and pronouns.  Some verb forms and other grammar topics are introduced.


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Familia Romana


Exercitia Latina I