High School Latin 1

Grades 9-12+1High school students may be awarded 1 Language credit upon completion of this course.

Latin 1 is designed for students with little or no previous experience with Latin. The course runs for two semesters and covers the Oxford Latin Course Part I. Students who plan to take the AP Latin exam during their junior year should begin this class in 7th grade.

Latin I covers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd declension nouns and adjectives; personal, demonstrative, and relative pronouns; adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, all 4 verb conjugations, the irregular verbs sum, possum eō, volō, and nōlō, and the indicative, infinitive, and imperative moods.

Latin I is open to students from Grade 7 to adult or with permission of the instructor. Students should purchase "The Oxford Latin Course Part I - 2nd Edition."

High school students may be awarded 1 Language credit upon completion of this course.

  • Latin I Overview Video!

    Please check out our  Latin I Overview video on YouTube!

    Please Note - this video was made when the class met via Adobe Connect. Latin 1, like all CLRC classes, now meets via Zoom. Both students and teacher are on webcam throughout the class.

    The video features two recorded portions of an online class session. You’ll also find helpful information about the course textbook and other class resources, like vocabulary flashcards.  We’ll also acquaint you with our Canvas learning management system, where students access homework assignments, quizzes, grades, and more.
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    A side note: the background music for the video, "Mountain Meadows," was composed, arranged, and entirely performed by former CLRC Tech Director Matthew Gallatin.

  • "We’ve done Latin on our own, and then during high school with a few other online providers. Some of those classes have been good, but none match yours for excellent instruction, joy for the subject, organization, communication, and a truly sensible pace."
    Andrea M., West Virginia

  • "Both boys are enjoying their studies so much this year, it has been a God send for us and a welcome change."
    -- Kristin Y., Pennsylvania

  • "Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing teaching my son HS Latin 1. He always comes inspired from your classes and looking forward to learning more Latin and applying it to other areas in his life. He absolutely loved your class and energy. Your attention to his areas of improvement at the beginning of the year, made all the difference in his progress. And he got a perfect score in the NLE! Your energy, care, and expertise have made a wonderful combination for his Latin learning.”
    - Latin 1 Parent