View over lake Geneva from the Lavaux vines.High School Latin II

Latin II is designed for students with some previous knowledge of Latin. We move on to cover the fourth and fifth declension, many more uses of the Latin cases, interrogative and indefinite pronouns and adjectives, comparative and superlative adjectives, all six tenses of the indicative mood, participles, and the passive voice.

Latin II is open to students from Grade 7 to adult or with permission of the instructor. Students should purchase "The Oxford Latin Course Part II - 2nd Edition."

"The Latin II class far surpassed our expectations, thoroughly preparing my son for the NLE on which he earned a gold medal!!"   - Tanya D., Massachusetts

Fall 2020 Registration for this Course Opens on February 27.

  • Prerequisites: High School Latin I  or permission of instructor
    Instructor:  Instructor:  Charles Carman, B.A.    email
    Grade  Level:  7th - Adult
    Minimum Enrollment Required: 5 Maximum Class Size: 15
    Tuition per Semester:  $360 Early Registration Discount (before June 1): $300
  • Class Time and Start Date:  Mr. Carman's graduate school schedule for the coming year has not yet been determined.  Although we cannot schedule his CLRC classes until his university class times are set, Mr.Carman expects to have significant flexibility in his university schedule to allow him to accommodate the scheduling needs of most interested students.

If you are interested in High School Latin II, please click the button below so we can save your spot in the class. Registration is limited to 15 students. Admission to the class will be opened to students in the order in which we are contacted. When you contact us, please provide us with your scheduling information.

Section A

Prerequisites: High School Latin I  or permission of instructor
Instructor:  Andrew Kennedy, B. A.
Grade  Level:  7th - Adult
Minimum Enrollment: 5
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Tuition per Semester:  $390
Class Meets:  Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific.

Section B

Prerequisites: High School Latin I  or permission of instructor
Instructor: Andrew Kennedy, B. A.
Grade  Level:  7th - Adult
Minimum Enrollment: 5
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Tuition per Semester:  $390
Class Meets:  Wednesdays and Thursdays, 1:00 - 2:00 PM Pacific.

Spring Registration is Open

(If you would like to enroll in this class but cannot attend at the posted time, please contact us.  We may be able to open an additional section.)

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Andrew Kennedy, B.A.

Andrew Kennedy
graduated from Hillsdale College in 2020, summa cum laude, with a B.A. in Classics. His love of Greek and Latin began at CLRC in 2012 and has continued ever since. While at Hillsdale, he taught Latin to a variety of grade levels at two local classical schools. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, and studying theology.

Andrew and his wife currently live in Jerusalem where they are both attending the Masters in Ancient Philology program at the Polis Institute of Languages and Humanities.

Patricia Slatin, Ph.D.

PatriciaSlatinedPatricia Slatin received her Ph.D. in Classics from the University of California at Berkeley in 2005, with a focus on ancient philosophy, particularly Platonic metaphysics and theology. Thereafter she served as visiting assistant professor at Georgetown University (2007-2009) and postdoctoral teaching fellow at Stanford (2009-2013); recently she taught history and Greek at St. John's Orthodox Academy in San Francisco and Biblical Greek at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Beyond teaching, Patricia enjoys directing a church school program, singing with her parish choir, taking care of a cat, and hiking the hills of northern California.

Anne Van Fossen, M.A., CLRC Classical Languages Program Director


Anne Van Fossen  (for full bio, click here)  has developed the Classical Language Program at the CLRC, and oversees all Classical Language instruction.   Her detailed lessons and assignments lead students through the highly  acclaimed Oxford Latin Course with a wide variety of learning aids developed especially for the CLRC: vocabulary cards, grammar charts, weekly exercises to focus on retention of the myriad verb and noun forms, and regular work to develop English vocabulary based on Latin roots.   Anne works closely with all CLRC Latin teachers and oversees all aspects of the program.



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Oxford Latin Course Pt. II
*Second Edition Required