High School Latin III

Latin III covers the complete Latin verb system including all tenses, voices, and moods. A wide variety of subordinate clauses are covered including indirect speech, conditionals, ‘cum’ clauses, ‘dum’ clauses, ‘ut’ clauses, and clauses of fearing. The class also includes the connecting relative, ablative absolutes, impersonal verbs, gerunds, and gerundives. After completion of Latin III students are ready to read ‘real’ Latin!

Latin III is open to students from Grade 7 to adult or with permission of the instructor. Students should purchase "The Oxford Latin Course Part III - 2nd Edition."

  • "Thank you for your hard work and dedication, and even though my son wants to go to medical school, hands down his favorite subject has been Latin! So much so, that when he left sophomore year to try brick and mortar schooling, he missed Latin so much that he came back to homeschooling!! It was basically his sole reason. You and CLRC have been invaluable to him, thank you so much." 
    - Stephanie P., California

  • "I am grateful for the start that I got with you in Latin. It has been one of the most important things that I have done academically, and that work has supported almost every other class that I have taken."
    Ruby W., New York