High School Latin IV: Latin Reading

Latin 4 is the next step after CLRC Latin 3 and is open to students who have completed the Latin Grammar, the equivalent of CLRC Latin 3, using texts such as The Oxford Latin Course, Wheelock’s Latin, The Cambridge Latin Course, Lingua Latina, or Latin for the New Millennium. If you are interested in the class but unsure if you are sufficiently prepared please contact support@clrconline.com.

In Latin 4, students shift from learning Latin grammar to reading and translating authentic Latin texts. An emphasis will be placed on literal translation, the recognition of poetic devices, and the ability to analyze and interpret the work. Students will also delve deeper into the religion, mythology, archaeology and politics of ancient Rome.

Reading selections vary from year to year but have included Caesar, Cicero, Catullus, Horace, Livy, Ovid, Pliny, and Vergil. Latin 4 is highly recommended as a year of Latin reading before enrolling in our AP Latin class which is specific preparation for the Latin AP exam. 

The course includes regular review of grammar and vocabulary in the context of the assigned readings.

Conversational 'Add-on' is available for this class!

The readings in the class vary from year to year.  Not all the texts listed below are read each year.

"Thank you for the continued outstanding and rollicking fun quality of your classes (not always an easy pairing -- diligence and fun)! My son's perfect score on the NLE  was a very fine point of distinction on his college and scholarship applications -- achieved in no small part to your superb teaching.  The kids LOVE your class and I know they will always have the fondest memories of competing to be Caesar and all of the other grand moments."
— Amy S., South Carolina