High School Latin VI: College-Level Latin Reading

(Available for Dual Enrollment College Credit)

Latin 6 is a college-level Latin reading class for students who are prepared to read at an advanced undergraduate level. The pace is faster than Latin 4 and 5 and more difficult texts are chosen.  Most students will move into Latin 6 after successful completion of the Latin AP Exam but students who are not taking the AP exam may move directly into Latin 6 after Latin 4.

Latin 6 is a live Latin reading class. Students read, translate, and discuss beautiful and thought-provoking Latin literature with their peers under the guidance of the instructor. The course meets for 1.5 hours a week with both graded and un-graded options.  Students who take the class for a grade make several class presentations, and submit a final exam and paper each semester. Latin 6 is open to students who have graduated from other Latin programs and are looking for another Latin reading class before college.  If you are interested in the class but unsure if you are sufficiently prepared please  CONTACT US.

To high school students taking this course for dual enrollment credit, the University of St. Katherine will issue a transcript with 3 college credits per semester.  USK credits are transferable to other colleges and universities.

Please note: not all the texts shown below are used each year. Please consult the instructor before purchasing the texts.

Fall 2020 Registration for this Course Opens on February 27.

Mrs. Van Fossen has some flexibility in her schedule and we expect to be able to schedule this class at a time that will work for all those interested in the class. If you are interested in CLRC’s Latin 6, please click the "I'M INTERESTED!" button below and we will contact you with more information and scheduling options.


Regular Enrollment

Dual-Enrollment for College Credit

Prerequisites: AP® Latin  or permission of instructor
Instructor:  Anne Van Fossen, M.A. 
Grade  Level:  11th - Adult
Tuition per Semester: 
*For Regular Enrollment, those not taking the course for dual-enrollment credit: $390
*For Dual-Enrollment, those taking the course for dual-enrollment credit: $590

Class Meets: Wednesdays  12:30 - 2:00 PM Pacific

Fall enrollment is closed. Students may be able to enroll with the instructor’s permission. Please contact info@clrconline.com. Spring registration opens Oct 18th.

(If you would like to enroll in this class but cannot attend at the posted time, please contact us.  We may be able to open an additional section.)

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Anne Van Fossen, CLRC Classical Languages Program Director

Anne-Anne Van Fossen (for full bio, click here)  has developed the Classical Language Program at the CLRC, and oversees all Classical Language instruction.   Her detailed lessons and assignments lead students through the highly  acclaimed Oxford Latin Course with a wide variety of learning aids developed especially for the CLRC: vocabulary cards, grammar charts, weekly exercises to focus on retention of the myriad verb and noun forms, and regular work to develop English vocabulary based on Latin roots.   Anne works closely with all CLRC Latin teachers and oversees all aspects of the program.


Amazon links for textbooks and materials are provided for the convenience of our parents and students. 
The CLRC is an Amazon Associate.

Cicero: Pro Caelio


Pliny: Fifty Letters


Ovid: Metamorphoses


Res Gestae Divi Augusti


Ovid: Amores Metamorphoses


Additional Texts Available Online:

Horace: Selections

Catullus: Selections

Livy:Ab Urbe Condita Book 1


Seneca: Moral Epistles


Vergil:  Aeneid--Selected Readings

Caesar: Selections from  De Bello Gallico


Excelability in Advanced Latin

Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles